What Happens During the Color Correction Process?

A color correction process is simply a drastic change in one’s current hair color. Whether you are looking to go from your natural color to the opposite shade, or had a botched color from a DIY job gone wrong, a color correction can help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

Because it is such a huge change, color correction can take a while. This is to ensure that your hair’s health does not suffer in the process.

So what happens during the color correction process? Here’s what you can expect:

The Wait

Many times, color correction requires more than one sitting. After a chemical process, your hair needs time to recuperate before it can go through another one. While you may want your new color right away, it is risky to pile multiple chemical processes on top of one another all at once.

If you need correction for a new color session gone wrong, you may have to wait a couple weeks before having it fixed. Talk to your colorist about a safe timeline for your color correction.

Going Lighter

Going for a lighter shade is not as simple as throwing a box of blonde dye over your brunette hair. Lightening involves lifting of existing color.

If you have been applying a darker color up until now and want to go lighter without highlights, you will need to go through a color cleanse.  

Your colorist may recommend using a clarifying shampoo to help strip some of the color before your lightening appointment. This decreases the amount of bleach or ammonia needed to lighten your hair.

Brand new color came out darker than you wanted? Sometimes, a clarifying shampoo is all it takes to bring the color to a more desirable shade.

For removal of brassy and yellow hues, purple toner can be used to neutralize the color.

Bleach can be very damaging, so if you are going platinum you will probably need a few bleaching appointments with deep conditioning treatments in between. You may not like the in-between colors as much, but it will all be worth it to have your hair’s health intact.

Going Dark

Are you looking to go from blonde to brunette? Or maybe you tried a trendy color that has since faded, and you want to go back to your natural color.

Depending on the undertones of your current shade and the desired new shade, this may need to be done in a few sessions.

If you are looking to go from an ash blonde to a warm brunette, your colorist will have to neutralize the cool tones before applying a warmer color. If you look at a color wheel, you will see that opposite colors cancel each other out. If your hair has purple undertones, green will be used to neutralize. For blue, orange will be used. 

Once the hair has been brought to a neutral base, your colorist will use their knowledge of color formulations to achieve your new shade. To ensure consistent results with future color appointments, ask your stylist to jot down your personal color formula. Save it in your phone to bring out for future appointments.

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