Stanley Salon

Robert Stanley, Owner and Master Stylist.

I'm so proud of my salon that I literally have my name attached to it. I started this selfless quest in 2003 to bring out the beauty in my clients through genuine, best-in-class care; that makes us different from the rest in this industry.

Our hair stylists at Stanley Salon are unique in their pursuit of a higher art. We are not only focused on making our clients look beautiful, but we pride ourselves in helping them feel beautiful too.

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Meet the Team.

The stylists are Stanley Salon are committed to not only delivering the best in service, but also strive to provide a world class experience. We offer a complete menu featuring Junior Stylists, and Master Stylists.

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Our Master Stylists
Robert Stanley, Owner and Master Stylist

Vera Demeduk-Master Stylist
Maura Thomas-Stylist