Professional Salon Highlights

Hair isn’t meant to be one-dimensional and single-colored, even when left completely to its own devices.

Instead, your hair is meant to have variations of color to give it movement and interest, making people want to look at you.

With gorgeous highlights from the stylists at Stanley Salon – the best hair salon in Frederick, MD – all eyes can be on you wherever you go!

Highlights can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Foil highlights
  • Babylights
  • Ribbon highlights
  • Chunky highlights
  • Frosted highlights
  • Ombre highlights
  • And more!

Your stylist can help you pick the exact highlighting technique and shade of highlights that will wow everyone you meet. Whether you’re looking for one color to accent your hair’s main hue or multiple shades of highlights, our team can give you the look you deserve.

Don’t settle for boring, lifeless hair color – Get great highlights at Stanley Salon! Schedule your appointment today!

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