Product Spotlight: Bumble and bumble. Curl Line

Curly folks everywhere, rejoice! The Bb. Curl line is specially formulated to moisturize and enhance natural curls. Whether you have beachy waves or tight corkscrews, there is a Bb. Curl product for you!

Curl Shampoo

This sulfate-free shampoo is ultra-moisturizing, which is a MUST for curly hair! It’s not heavy and is a great way to prep your locks for frizz-free curly styles! All curl types can benefit from Bb. Curl Shampoo.

Curl Custom Conditioner

Every curly person knows that conditioner is key to maintaining healthy curls, and Bb. Curl Custom Conditioner does not disappoint! 

This shower staple is a triple-threat that can be used as a regular conditioner, leave-in, or as a co-wash. Add this to your curly arsenal – stat! You won’t regret it.

Curl Pre-Style/ Re-Style Primer

This moisturizing primer helps detangle and define day one curls, and re-shapes and refreshes on day two and beyond.

Bonus: it is also UV protective, keeping the sun from frying those gorgeous locks!

Curl Defining Creme

The original Bb. Curl Creme gets a makeover in this must-have styler. 

The curl defining creme adds moisture as well as a frizz-free hold to keep those curls under control! Made for wavy, curly, and ringlet curl types, this formula is light-weight and smells amazing!

Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil

Humidity is NOT a curl’s best friend. 

Keep ringlets, coils, and corkscrews in check with the Bb. Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil. Despite its name, it is not sticky like a gel, or heavy like an oil. 

It is the perfect blend of only the best of the two, offering tons of moisture while maintaining a natural, weightless, bounce.

Curl Conditioning Mousse

Say goodbye to crunchy curls! The Bb. Curl Conditioning Mousse holds, moisturizes, and even adds volume while leaving your curls touchably soft. No more crispy coils or weighed-down waves! It’s truly a miracle in a can! 

Curl Butter Masque

Bumble and bumble. refers to this butter masque as the “curl-quencher,” and for good reason.

This conditioning treatment adds moisture to dull, dried-out curls, and brings them back to life! You’ll see results after just one use.

Curl Luminous Oil Spray

This weightless moisturizing spray is the cherry on top of your styling routine! Enhance curl integrity, fight frizz, and add shine with just a few spritzes. It also provides heat protection as well as UV filtering to protect your hair from damaging rays.

Get Your Bb. Curl Products in Frederick, MD

At Stanley Salon, we love our curly girls (and guys), which is why we trust the Bumble and bumble. Curl line to bring out the beauty of their natural texture. With ultra-moisturizing, anti-frizz formulas, the Bb. Curl line is curly manna from heaven! Come and get these and other Bumble and bumble. hair care products at Stanley Salon today!

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