How to Use Bumble and bumble. Color Sticks & Hair Powder

Did the safer-at-home order leave you with unsightly roots? While salons around the nation are getting ready to open up, your stylist’s calendar is filling up – quickly! How about a temporary solution for those roots while you eagerly await your next salon appointment?

Bumble and bumble’s assortment of color sticks and hair powder are an easy and seamless way to blend roots, cover grays, and give thinning hair a fuller look!

Bumble and bumble. Color Sticks

If you’ve ever de-stressed with an adult coloring book, then you will have no trouble using Bumble and bumble’s color sticks! The velvety, water-resistant, dry fiber stick offers instant gray and root coverage that is easy to apply and completely blendable.

Simply stroke it like a lipstick, blend with your fingers, and it will last until your next wash. The mineral-based pigments grab onto the hair and stay put for a natural look that lasts.

Use it as many times as you need between salon visits – it is perfectly safe for your hair. As with all Bumble and bumble. products, the color sticks are made without parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, or formaldehyde.

Color sticks are available in natural shades – brown, red, and black, and a limited-edition statement shade in ballet.

Bumble and bumble. Hair Powder

Part dry shampoo, part texturizing spray, part color refresher. Bumble and bumble. Hair Powder is a tinted dry shampoo that is a godsend for those with thinning hair and root growth.

To use, hold spray can 10-12 inches from the area you want to cover, and spray thoroughly. Let it dry, and then style as desired. Don’t forget to protect your clothing! If you do get some on your clothes, stains can be removed with soap and water.

Spray over areas of your hair that are thinner to help fill in the gaps for a fuller, more youthful look!

The hair powder spray comes in Blond-ish and Brown-ish for easy blending with natural or colored hair. It can be used on all hair types from thin to thick, straight to curly.

Benefits include:

  • Texture
  • Volume
  • Dry cleanse
  • Absorbs oil
  • Enhances color

By doubling as a dry shampoo, Bumble and bumble. Hair Powder lengthens the time between washes, which is good news for delicate locks. 

Bumble and bumble. Products in Frederick, MD

At Stanley Salon, we want to offer our clients only the best in hair care. That’s why we work with Bumble and bumble. to bring you their high-quality products, right here in the salon!

Don’t let grays stand in the way of your confidence! Take control with these, and other amazing products from Bumble and bumble! Pick up your Color Sticks and Hair Powder today!

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