5 Haircuts For Square Faces

Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Biel, Keira Kightley, Reese Witherspoon… if you have a square shaped face, you are in great company!

Square-faced beauties have very angular features, defined jaws and cheekbones, and hardly any curves to their face. This face shape ages very well, as it keeps its regal, well-defined shape.

The best haircuts for square faces are about rounding out the angles to create softness. From short to long, here are the best cuts for a square shaped face:


A pixie cut can be tricky on anyone. The short cut puts all facial features on display. While not necessarily a bad thing, many women are intimidated by that thought. 

Make your pixie work for you by keeping lines soft. Avoid blunt, heavy lines, and opt for textured ends and a side swept bang for balance.


At some point in her life, every woman gets the grand idea to cut some fringe and nearly instantly regrets it. This could be because a DIY job rarely takes face shape and hair type into account. 

While thick, straight bangs will make a square face look even more square, bangs in general are not completely off the table.

Going for thicker fringe? Try side-swept bangs. The side part softens the jaw line, and creates balance in the face.

If you are looking for a more eyebrow-grazing look, opt for wispy bangs. Not to be confused with the see-through, blunt style of the 90’s, wispy bangs should be long, with textured ends either at the brow or just below. They can be on the thicker side – the key is to avoid straight ends.

If you like to rock a center part, try a curtain-like fringe. Parted softly in the middle, this is a longer option that will end just above the ears, appearing as a shorter layer in the hair, while still giving your forehead some coverage.

The Lob

Oh, the lob. How we love thee!

A cut that works on everybody, it is a great modern hair option if you can’t choose between short and long.

Lobs can vary in length but are generally longer than your typical jawline bob. This is great news for square-faced gals! Cuts at the jawline make it look wider, but a lob draws the eye downward. Styled with a slight curve inward at the end or with waves, it does a great job of adding some roundness among all the angles.

Ask your stylist to make your lob a bit shorter in the back, and to add layers to soften the edges.

Shaggy Hair

The popular cut of the 70’s has made an updated comeback in recent years and we are here for it! Choppy, wispy layers hide a multitude of hair sins and are so easy to just wash and go.

Are you sensing a theme here? Square faces work best with cuts that are textured at the ends, rather than straight. A shag cut is chock full of texture. Try it with longer, see-through bangs for an edgy look.

Long & Layered

Long hair is very flattering for square faces. Lengths hitting the collarbone or below lengthen the face, balancing out the width created by defined cheekbones and jawlines.

Try a straight, sleek style with a center part and light, tapered ends. A sleek ‘do will naturally cover up the sides of the face, where it is widest.

Beachy, textured waves on long hair create softer lines and volume around the face that makes it appear slimmer.

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