5 Fall 2019 Hair Color Trends to Try

Fall is upon us! Time for colorful leaves, pumpkin spice everything, sweaters, scarves and boots. 

As the temperatures cool down, fall hair colors are warming up. Many are trading in the bright beachy tones of summer for deeper, golden shades.

Looking for a change? Stay on-trend with these hues, inspired by the colors and flavors of the season:

Mushroom Blonde

The “bronde” trend isn’t going anywhere soon, and the newest take pulls color inspiration from the common mushroom.

Mushroom blonde is an ashy, gray blonde with darker undertones, much like the underside of a mushroom.

Because it is neither blonde nor brown, it is a great way for blondes to try a darker shade, and brunettes to brighten up their look. A great in-between shade!

Honey Highlights

Your typical bright blonde highlights can look strangely out of place in darker hair. Honey-colored highlights are a great way to add brightness to darker strands, while still maintaining a natural look.

Go for strategically placed baby highlights to add an overall warmth to your hair, without looking streaky.

Rooted Blonde

Bright blondes are great for summer, but many are going for a more muted look for fall.

Rooted blonde blends your growing roots with your leftover summer blonde seamlessly. This is a great in-between look for those trying to grow out their blonde, as well.

As a bonus, not only will you save money by not having to bleach your roots as often, but your hair will also be healthier overall! 

Chestnut & Cinnamon Ombre

Another great look for the dark-haired gals!

Ombre and balayage are still very much IN, and gorgeous chestnut and cinnamon shades with reddish highlights are the choice for fall.

You will want to have this look done by a professional. The idea is to blend the color in seamlessly for a more sun-kissed look, rather than a stark contrast from one color to the other. 

There is a fine line between cinnamon and brassy tones. A professional colorist will know how to tone your ombre to the desired shade.

Blood Orange & Copper

Red is nothing new for fall. We always see a wide range of red hues make their appearance this time of year, and fall 2019 will be no different.

Red hair can easily be achieved in both light and dark colors to warm up your look for the season. Don’t forget to treat with a glaze to keep it nice and shiny!

The typical coppery red strands are always great for fall, but a deeper, blood-orange hue can be just as fun for darker hair and as a bonus, little to no bleaching required!

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